I collect Chicago Bears Videos
I've been taping Chicago Bears History off of my local television stations since the family bought their first VCR in the early 1980's.  Recently I have converted most of that old footage onto DVD (and the age degredation of the tapes shows, unfortunately.)
I do not sell these videos and unfortunately I can not make copies for everyone that asks.  I just don't have the time.  If you do have something interesting to trade, I would listen to your offer. 
Some highlights from my collection follow.
Bears Games on Video/DVD
I taped a few games during the mid-1980's, but being a teenager I couldn't commit myself to sticking with it.  In 1999, I started recording each pregame, game, and most postgame shows.  Why?  Because there is history in each and every game.
At the same time I began to pursue trades with other collectors.  I have more than 200 games on DVD from the 1940's to 2008.  Some of my favorite or more unique games include a 1969 preseason game versus the Packers in Milwaukee, the 1977 Ice Bowl in New York, the destiny game to end the 1979 season, Payton's record games, Super Bowl, Fog Bowl, you name it.
As of May 2009 I have completed converting my entire collection from VHS to DVD.  And I don't think I will be archiving games going forward.  We'll see.
Other Bear Goodies on DVD
I also have created 22 custom DVD's featuring interesting Bears shows.  They include:
"Play it Again Bears" from 1985 and 1986, a local ABC highlight show
Five or six "Superfans" episodes from Saturday Night Live
The Grabowski Shuffle, shot by Ditka in 1987 (awful)
Mike Ditka on the Jamie Kennedy Experiment
NFL Films Highlights from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, and 1983-2004
Pure Payton
News coverage of Wannstedt and Jauron firings and Lovie Smith hire
Much, much more
Download a .pdf of my game video list here.
Download a .pdf of my custom DVD list  here
PLEASE READ THIS! I do not sell this copyrighted material and I'm sorry, I'm glad you have visited the site, but I can't make copies for everyone that asks. I have my lists here in case another Bears video collector like me has something they would like to trade. If this includes you, please by all means contact me.  If not and you send me an email asking for a copy of something, I'm sorry but you probably won't get a response.

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