Chicago Bears Multimedia Snippets
Video, Audio and Print snippets about the Bears.  Many more to come. and the Chicago Bears Bar profiled on Comcast SportsNet Chicago's Chicago Huddle, December 2010.

I appeared on CLTV's Garrard McClendon Live on August 6, 2008 to discuss the Chicago Bears' new policy that tailgaters without tickets must leave lots at gametime.

McClendon clip 2.

McClendon clip 3.

My appearance on CBS Morning News on January 19, 2007, two days before the 2006 NFC Championship game. The twenty-something degree temperature on the screen is deceiving. With the windchill at 5:30 in the morning, it was freakin' frigid. What a great experience, though.

I was also asked to sit in with Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten on WGN Morning News the week before the 2006 NFC Championship.

Jim Wagner and his crew did an awesome job profiling this site on their January 12th, 2007 newscast. Jim is a Bears fan like myself, just a few years older than me and a guy that grew up 10 miles away from me, emulating Walter Payton in his backyard. He did a great job on this piece.

I was invited to talk to Bruce Wolf on Fox News in the Morning in December 2004 to promote the Chicago Bears History Book. Bruce is an interesting character, for those of you not in Chicago and not familiar with him.

Ah, the memories. Here's a tiny video clip of the end of the 2006 NFC Championship game from our seats. How can things change so much so fast?

Another very short clip of the NFC Championship.
National TV Appearance on MNF My buddy Mike and I made it onto the third quarter intro on Monday Night Football at St. Louis. Look for us for about half a second after Hank sings "get your game face on".
1984 CBS Crowd Shot CBS crowd camera catches me with our sign in 1984 in Detroit. I'm the little dude on the right. (WMV Video)
My Call to Doug Buffone 1981 I called Doug Buffone and Brad Palmer's WBBM Radio show in 1981 to ask a question about Walter Payton. I was 10. This is the only time I have called a talk radio station. (MP3 Audio)
BearsHistory Newsletter The Chicago Bears History Newsletter I created in 2003. (.PDF)
Cade, We Hate You Parody song on Cade McNown from Kevin Matthews, CD-94.7 Chicago, 2000. Funny. (MP3 Audio)
Wanny Sound Montage Collection of short Dave Wannstedt "aaps" from WSCR's Boers and Bernstein. (MP3 Audio)
Bear Down, Chicago Bears The classic fight song. If you say you don't know the words, just download this and play it repeatedly.  Some people have told me this version of the song is a horrible cheesy polka version and I should go looking for another one.  Sorry, it is corny, but I don't have time to look for another one.  More power to you if you'd like to do that. (WMA Audio)
Bear Down Instrumental Instrumental version. (WMA Audio)
Mike Ditka's Bank Thanks to several readers that pointed out this is from the Bob and Tom radio show,  I did not know this, as they're not syndicated in Chicago. (WMA Audio)
Da Bears Sound bite of the Superfans. (WMA Audio)
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