Links to Great Bears & Football Sites
Here are links to some great Bears or Bears-related sites. I would be happy to add any non-commercial links to sites relating to the Bears. Businesses may contact me about advertising on the site. Please note-I'm glad to provide non-profit and informational links on a reciprocal basis. I do audit my links frequently and if a linked site drops me, I will remove the link here. By all means please contact me if you'd like it added back. This is the blog site. It's a Daily Chicago Bears Blog, where we be update all that day's Chicago Bears news as it breaks, as well as add our own unique content. Visit every day! Great message board community on the Bears.  The only message board I have time to belong to.  Not that I have a chance to post very often... Get your tickets blown up to framable size. I had a pair of mine done and they are the perfect compliment to the Chicago Bears Bar. Thanks, That's My Stub! A blossoming Bears stats site. Good information. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, always entertaining. is a daily read for me. Criticized by many for overblowing stories and having questionable "moles", but every true football fans should check this out daily as I do. Unbelievable stats site. Every statistic you could ever want for every pro football team and every year. Fantastic.
Bolding Sports Research This is a very unique and cool site. Hard to explain, so check it out. Mark Bolding has researched a lot of unique sports information and has put it on his site just for the fun of it. Here you can find summaries of every Chicago College All-Star Game and every Pro Bowl, among other things. Very cool. Official site of the "Commissioner of Tailgating" Joe Cahn.
Sports Art By Bob Bob provided most of the photos for my book, and they're fantastic. You can check out some of his works for sale or e-mail him at his site. He also sells at the Bears Fan Convention every year.
Todd Buchanan Photography Todd was the freelance photographer assigned by USA Today to cover our story in September 2002. Todd also allowed me to use some great photos for the book.
Wall of Fame Photos Mike shoots photos of the Bears every now and again, and also is available for hire in the Chicago area. Great guy.
Ultimate Bears Fan Fairly new website with loads of Bears content. Some interesting video content, in particular.  Check them out, they're passionate like us.  Russ Loede's Bears Blog. Two things I like about Russ: he serves our great country, and he became a Bears fan in Ohio, sticking with them through thick and thin. Give his site a regular visit.
NFL Smackdown "The mecca of NFL smacktalk."
New Orleans Saints History  This link is here simply because I like what this guy does-the only other NFL history site by a fan for his team, like mine. Check him out for New Orleans Saints history.  Glenn Timmerman's site. Yeah, you know Glenn, whether you think so or not. He's THAT guy. Click on his site and you'll see what we mean. Have fun.  Looking for a place to come in and tailgate at Bears games? This is it, my friends, in my best George Wendt voice.  Chicago Bears social networking site. gathers NFL team news from around the web, features links to each team's resources and hosts a newly formed fan discussion board.  Aggregating the best Chicago Bears blogs out there all the time. The Chicago Bears backer blog. Bears Claws blog and radio show. Stadium Journey's review of Soldier Field and related information. Ron Nelson took photos of the Bears playing at Wrigley Field through the 1960's and in 2010 published his book "Pro Football at Wrigley Field." You may purchase his book by visiting his website or e-mailing him at Bear Goggles On-Bears fan site with news, opinions from Fansided. © 2000-2016 Roy Taylor